Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Week and PTA money!

This is my first week with the kids and so far it has been great!  We started this year with a quote:
"Everyone is an Artist" -Pablo Picasso
After reviewing the rules and procedures of the art room, I introduced my kids to the quote by Pablo Picasso. We talked about how everyone is an artist and we all see the world differently.  I also taught them that art is different than craft.  In art, we should all have our own take on a subject or lesson taught.  We will not have cookie cutter artwork.  We are creating Masterpieces, each unique to who we are.  I also talked about how in art there can be multiple solutions to a problem.  I gave the example of three landscape artworks that hang in my room.  All three are landscapes, but they are all different.  They use different colors, strokes, medium.  If the problem was to paint a landscape, then each of these paintings solved that problem.  All are correct, just different solutions.  I gave each student a small index card with limited instructions.
1. You must have your name on it
2. You must have an organic shape and a geometric shape
3. You must use three different types of lines
4. You must add color.

When the students finished, I displayed their works under the document camera, two at a time.  We compared the works.  How were they the same?  How were they different?  Was one wrong and the other right?  We talked about the quote "Everyone is an artist" and how each us are artists, we just have different ways of looking at a problem and solving it.  I am going to display all 500 index cards in the hallway.  I am going to try to use them to spell out the quote.  I hope it comes together nicely!

I did modify this lesson at each grade level.  At Kindergarten, I read the book "The Dot" and had them just start with a dot sticker and see where it would take them.  They also signed their work just like Vashti did in the book.  At 1st grade, I changed it to add shapes, lines and color. We still talked about organic and geometric, but I didn't say to use one of each.

I will post pictures of our mural when it is complete.

At the end of today I got an email saying I had a package in the office!  I immediately went down to see what it was.  It was the supplies I ordered with my PTA money!  Our PTA generously gave each teacher $250 to spend on our classrooms!  I spent my money on construction paper crayola crayons, Prang Markers, and Bic permanent markers!  I can't wait to start using these new supplies!  Thank you, PTA!!!  You guys are the BEST!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kiln Troubles!

I went to check on my ancient kiln and do a test fire today.  I noticed a huge pile of debris underneath it and when I looked this is what I saw!

I'm pretty sure this is a bad sign!  Yikes! Does anyone know if this is corrosion of the metal stand or is this the bottom of the kiln about to drop out?  I have a work order in for maintenance to come and check on it.  It is original to the school so it is 27 years old.  Hmmm...maybe it is time for a new one! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Art Room and Meet the Teacher Night

I have been working non-stop (well, if you don't count all the time I spend visiting with my fellow coworkers) getting my room ready for the new school year.  I am looking forward to getting messy and making masterpieces with my students.  

Tonight was Meet the Teacher at our school.  Most students were super excited about meeting their new teacher, seeing their friends, and exploring their new classrooms.  I was so happy that many students came by the art room to see me, express their excitement about a new year in art, and tell me how much they missed art.

 I love their passion and enthusiasm.

Here are a few photos I took tonight.  PTA sponsored Food Truck dining for FREE if you joined the PTA tonight.  Also, we had t-shirt and spirit wear sales.

This is my door on the inside of my classroom.

This is my classroom door viewed from the hallway.  I am not totally pleased with how it turned out, but I ran out of time before Meet the Teacher so I had to stop working.  I may make some changes tomorrow.

This poster hangs above my door inside my classroom!  It makes me smile!

I store art work in these baskets.  Each class has a basket.  Grade levels each have a different color label. Sometimes we have things that are too big and I have to find a place in the room to store large pieces, but overall it works for me!

I have a reading corner.  On one book shelf are drawing books and the other has picture books and books about art/artist.

I have six tables for students to sit at and one table in the middle for supplies and working in a small group with me.

Supplies!  I need to straighten them up a little more before Monday.  I also have a hug order for supplies that will be made after September 1.  I can't wait to get my supplies!!

Principles of Design

"I'm Done" choices.

I have a mystery artist each month.  The students can submit an answer and then I draw one winner.  I give the winner an art prize.  I keep a basket of art supplies that I pick up from art conventions!  I love the freebies!

I have a wall where I post procedure information and Color andValue information.  

Kids LOVE this poster!  I saw this idea on Pinterest two years ago and I use this saying ALL THE TIME!

This is where I post clean up and table helper procedures and my "Give Me Five" expectation.

Here is the front of the room, SMARTboard,  and document camera is on the table (far left). I wear a microphone and it projects my voice through speakers in my ceiling. I also have a mounted projector, 2 ipads, and a Mac Book Pro. The large mural under the SMARTboard was created by all my students 2 years ago.  It is a collage made of painted paper.

Here is a view of my room from my doorway.

Food Trucks!

This is one of my favorite families!  I think Winnie was super excited about getting the Food Trucks, Meet the Teacher, and a new school year!!
Add caption
Enjoying pizza from one of the four food trucks!
Our PTA rocks!!
I found some fifth graders ready for school to start!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prang Power!

This year I am joining Prang Power!  This program allows me to collect points by turning in UPC codes from any Prang products including the Ticonderoga, Lyra, Prang, Oriole, Das and Dixon brands!  All of our school supply lists include Ticonderoga pencils, the best pencils ever!  So, please clip those UPC codes from the back for the packaging and send them to the art room.  Please check out the Prang Power website to see all the ways we can collect points.  With the points earned, I can purchase awesome Prang art products for the art room.  
Click on the above logo to go to the Prang Power website!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Highland Village Hot Air Balloon Festival!

This weekend was the Highland Village Hot Air Balloon Festival sponsored by the Lion's Club.  This past Spring, the Lion's Club had a art poster contest for students in elementary and middle school.  The winners had their designs featured on the publicity poster for the event.  I had one student, Cate Starks, win Honorable Mention.  She was the youngest winner, a kindergartener!  Here are some pictures of the winners being honored on stage and of the amazing balloons!

Kate Starks, Honorable Mention

Other winners from Briarhill Middle School
First place winner from Highland Village Elementary, third grade.



Monday, August 12, 2013

Workshops, Prep, and Back to School

Today is my last "summer" workshop and then on Friday is the first day of inservice for the school year.  Our first day with kids is August 26.  I am anticipating a great year.

Today I am going to a class on Beginning Blogging for Art Teachers.  I can't wait to have a bunch of new art bloggers to follow!  It will be awesome to see what is going on in everyone's classroom in my own district!  Yay!

Friday is a workshop set up like speed dating.  Everyone will bring one idea and share it one on one in a speed dating setting. This is great because I am all about sharing.  I have a "beg, borrow, and steal" philosophy when it comes to ideas for teaching.  If it works, then be all means share it!

 I will be working every day in my room from here on!  I will be honest, I haven't stepped foot in my room since June!  So, I have my work cut out for me!  I will post class pictures as soon as it is all back in order!!

This week will be all about organizing my room, thoughts, ideas!  What is your favorite back to school tip?  Do you have any "must have" supplies?  Please, share if you do!

I added this picture because it is the lesson I will be sharing on Friday at our "Speed Art" session!  It is a faux stained glass/radial design lesson and the students devoured it like candy!  It was awesome!