Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Art Room and Meet the Teacher Night

I have been working non-stop (well, if you don't count all the time I spend visiting with my fellow coworkers) getting my room ready for the new school year.  I am looking forward to getting messy and making masterpieces with my students.  

Tonight was Meet the Teacher at our school.  Most students were super excited about meeting their new teacher, seeing their friends, and exploring their new classrooms.  I was so happy that many students came by the art room to see me, express their excitement about a new year in art, and tell me how much they missed art.

 I love their passion and enthusiasm.

Here are a few photos I took tonight.  PTA sponsored Food Truck dining for FREE if you joined the PTA tonight.  Also, we had t-shirt and spirit wear sales.

This is my door on the inside of my classroom.

This is my classroom door viewed from the hallway.  I am not totally pleased with how it turned out, but I ran out of time before Meet the Teacher so I had to stop working.  I may make some changes tomorrow.

This poster hangs above my door inside my classroom!  It makes me smile!

I store art work in these baskets.  Each class has a basket.  Grade levels each have a different color label. Sometimes we have things that are too big and I have to find a place in the room to store large pieces, but overall it works for me!

I have a reading corner.  On one book shelf are drawing books and the other has picture books and books about art/artist.

I have six tables for students to sit at and one table in the middle for supplies and working in a small group with me.

Supplies!  I need to straighten them up a little more before Monday.  I also have a hug order for supplies that will be made after September 1.  I can't wait to get my supplies!!

Principles of Design

"I'm Done" choices.

I have a mystery artist each month.  The students can submit an answer and then I draw one winner.  I give the winner an art prize.  I keep a basket of art supplies that I pick up from art conventions!  I love the freebies!

I have a wall where I post procedure information and Color andValue information.  

Kids LOVE this poster!  I saw this idea on Pinterest two years ago and I use this saying ALL THE TIME!

This is where I post clean up and table helper procedures and my "Give Me Five" expectation.

Here is the front of the room, SMARTboard,  and document camera is on the table (far left). I wear a microphone and it projects my voice through speakers in my ceiling. I also have a mounted projector, 2 ipads, and a Mac Book Pro. The large mural under the SMARTboard was created by all my students 2 years ago.  It is a collage made of painted paper.

Here is a view of my room from my doorway.

Food Trucks!

This is one of my favorite families!  I think Winnie was super excited about getting the Food Trucks, Meet the Teacher, and a new school year!!
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Enjoying pizza from one of the four food trucks!
Our PTA rocks!!
I found some fifth graders ready for school to start!

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  1. Your room looks great! I am sooooooo stealing the mess up to dress up idea. Hope you get lots done today ^.^