Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Week and PTA money!

This is my first week with the kids and so far it has been great!  We started this year with a quote:
"Everyone is an Artist" -Pablo Picasso
After reviewing the rules and procedures of the art room, I introduced my kids to the quote by Pablo Picasso. We talked about how everyone is an artist and we all see the world differently.  I also taught them that art is different than craft.  In art, we should all have our own take on a subject or lesson taught.  We will not have cookie cutter artwork.  We are creating Masterpieces, each unique to who we are.  I also talked about how in art there can be multiple solutions to a problem.  I gave the example of three landscape artworks that hang in my room.  All three are landscapes, but they are all different.  They use different colors, strokes, medium.  If the problem was to paint a landscape, then each of these paintings solved that problem.  All are correct, just different solutions.  I gave each student a small index card with limited instructions.
1. You must have your name on it
2. You must have an organic shape and a geometric shape
3. You must use three different types of lines
4. You must add color.

When the students finished, I displayed their works under the document camera, two at a time.  We compared the works.  How were they the same?  How were they different?  Was one wrong and the other right?  We talked about the quote "Everyone is an artist" and how each us are artists, we just have different ways of looking at a problem and solving it.  I am going to display all 500 index cards in the hallway.  I am going to try to use them to spell out the quote.  I hope it comes together nicely!

I did modify this lesson at each grade level.  At Kindergarten, I read the book "The Dot" and had them just start with a dot sticker and see where it would take them.  They also signed their work just like Vashti did in the book.  At 1st grade, I changed it to add shapes, lines and color. We still talked about organic and geometric, but I didn't say to use one of each.

I will post pictures of our mural when it is complete.

At the end of today I got an email saying I had a package in the office!  I immediately went down to see what it was.  It was the supplies I ordered with my PTA money!  Our PTA generously gave each teacher $250 to spend on our classrooms!  I spent my money on construction paper crayola crayons, Prang Markers, and Bic permanent markers!  I can't wait to start using these new supplies!  Thank you, PTA!!!  You guys are the BEST!!!!

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