Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Zentangles...extraordinary doodling!
I taught fifth graders about Zentangles in art class.  I introduced the idea of Zentangle the first week at the end of class.  The next week was an odd week for Specials rotations.  Every six weeks we have something called "C2" week.  Each grade level spends a whole day with Specials (Art, Music, PE) and the grade level teachers have one full day of planning.  The down side for classroom teachers is that on the days that is not your C2 day, you don't get a conference time.  Anyway, last week was C2 week, so I had the entire fifth grade class (about 100 students) in the cafeteria for the first 90 minutes of the day working on their Zentangle project. 
I set up a Pinterest account just for fifth grade use and added a board, "Zentangles".  Then, I told the kids if they got permission from parents they could bring their phones or iPads to class for C2.  I also managed to borrow 4 iPads from teachers in the school and I had 2 iPads that are for Art room use.  I copied examples and had hard copy handouts, too.  During that 90 minutes, students spread out all over the cafeteria and worked on their projects.  Some used iPads, some used hard copy ideas, and some just thought of their own zentagles.  It was their choice how they wanted to use Zentangles.  Some used logos as a jumping off point, some traced their hand, some chose to free draw something.  Then, they chose to either zentangle in the positive space or the negative space. 
This week, they are finishing up their work and choosing to either leave it black and white (traditional Zentangle) or add color with watercolor or acrylic.  So far, they are looking great!


  1. OMG. Responsibility for 100 kids for 90 minutes. That sounds awful!

    1. Actually, it was awesome! I had my team with me (music and PE teachers) and with all that space and extra support the kids were excellent! Plus, they were all super excited about Zentangles! I had only planned to keep them for about 40 minutes, but since they were so into it and working so hard, my team decided to let them continue to work and then we adjusted the schedule for the day.