Monday, May 13, 2013

Kindergarten Lions

I see kindergarten classes for 25 minutes twice a week.  Sometimes it seems like an eternity and other days we run out of time and I feel rushed.  This lesson was a perfect 25 minute, one day lesson.  The kindergarten classes were preparig for their trip to the zoo and this was a great way to focus on an animal that they might see.  We talked about how faces have symmetry whether it was a lion or a human.  I started by giving each student  9X12 inch brown construction paper. I passed out oil pastels on trays.  These oil pastels are my "second hand" ones.  The new ones I use with older grades. 

I started by having them draw two eyes in the center of the paper (portrait).  I used my document camera and had them follow along.  We added a triangle nose with two lines going up from the corners.  Then, we added the little line coming down from the center of the triangle with the smile extending from it.  The students could use any colors they wanted to add the mane!  It was fun, exciting, and very freeing. 
Vocabulary used: texture, symmetry, portrait
Here are some pictures of our results! 

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