Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cake Designing *Thiebaud Style*

My third graders loved designing cakes, learning about form, experimenting with blending oil pastel colors, and being inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud!

This is my second year teaching and though I haven't repeated many lessons, this is one that I decided to do again this year with third grade.  The students loved learning about the life and work of Wayne Thiebaud.  We watched a few YouTube clips about his work before starting our projects.  I started by having students make sketches of cakes in the sketchbooks and learning about how to make something appear to be 3D on a flat 2D surface.  The simple cylinders were easily turned into cakes with the addition of patterns and designs.  I also taught them how to layer the cakes and how to cut a slice out of the cake. 

When the classes starting coming back the next week, I was pleased to see many had finished their sketches by adding colors and designs.  Also, many had made several other cake designs in their sketchbooks.  I loved that they were so excited about cake design.  Over the course of about 3 weeks, students created their cakes, colored and added details with oil pastels, and then cut foil plates and assembled them on a construction paper background.  Then, we added a horizon line and used oil pastel to color the background.  I loved the finished products!

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