Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1st grade Pinch Pots

My kiln was out of order most of the year, but now that it is up and firing, I decided to squeeze in one lesson on clay with first grade!  I decided to teach 1st grade about pinch pots since they didn't work with clay as kindergartners.  I showed them a great poster that I pinned on pinterest that shows the steps of making a pinch pot.  Then, I demonstrated the technique of making a pinch pot.  Finally, I sent them to their tables and passed out balls of class.  We went step by step together.  Once the pots were formed, I went around and wrote their initials on the bottom of the pots.  Then, I passed out old marker caps and clay tools and let them make designs on the outside and inside of their pots.
This is the picture I found on Pinterest.  I am not sure who originally made it, but if it is you, THANK YOU!!

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