Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Is Here!

Wow!  Since coming back from Spring Break, it seems that time has flown by!  Busy is the one word I would use to describe my life!  I have chosen 51 works of art to hang in our West Zone Elementary Art Show and have worked over the last couple of weeks to get those ready to hang.  I will go after school today and hang the work and then Friday evening is our Grand Opening.  The show will be open to the public for the next week from 1-5pm daily, except for Monday, when the MCL Grand is closed. 

I also completed the yearbook.  That was a labor of love.  I can't wait to see the fruits of my labor when it is published and delivered to our school in about 5 weeks!  I am praying that there aren't any glaring mistakes and that everyone enjoys the finished project.  I was a nervous wreck that last few days while finishing the dedication pages.  My yearbook club kids did a fantastic job of helping take photos, edit layouts, and proof all the pages.  I was amazed at their abilities to find mistakes, organize information, and take outstanding photos!

I am also working with a fairly new company called Artome' to put on a schoolwide art show and fundraiser.  This company will send you the paper, mat and frame all student work, set up your show, take down your show, and then unframe any unsold mat/frames and send those works back to you.  The stress is making sure everyone has a nice finished product to frame!  About half my students are working directly on the paper given and the other half are working on paper I will attach to the Artome' paper.  Our schoolwide show is May 21. 

Here is a look at what we are currently working on in first grade.  We studied Jasper Johns and then each student used his concept of looking at numbers in a new way to create their own original work of art.  We started by just choosing a number to focus on, then using sharpie to outline our design.  Next, we used primary color tempera cakes to paint our art.  Lastly, we used our oil pastels to make our numbers "pop" and add another dimension and texture to our artwork.

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