Thursday, April 18, 2013

4th grade Klimt inspired "Tree of Life"

In 4th grade, I started a project with the kids that is inspired by Klimt and his "Tree of Life".  I showed them a short PowerPoint on Klimt and we discussed his use of gold tones, shapes, patterns, and colors.  We also spent some time talking about life.  We discussed what influences our life, what is important to us, and what we see in our future.  We spent time looking, thinking, and talking about what we liked and found interesting in Klimt's Tree of Life.

Students created a watercolor wash background.  Next, students painted with Gold metallic paint to create their tree.  Once the tree was completed, students traced around the outline of the tree with Gold Sharpie paint pens.  The next step is to create patterns on the ground, tree, and in the branches.  These patterns need to incorporate something that represents your life.  Some students chose to create sport symbols, hearts, foods, and mustaches onto their trees.  The art is turning out great!

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  1. These are fun!!! So bright...AND SHINY!!!!!