Saturday, March 16, 2013

3rd grade Dallas Skylines

This was one of my favorite lessons from my first year teaching.  Third graders created the Dallas Skyline using a little of everything! 

I started the lesson by talking about cityscapes, identifying the buildings that make up the Dallas skyline, and recognizing the shapes that form the skyline.  We looked at different photos of the Dallas skyline and then made sketches on scrap paper.
Day2: Students drew a ruler width border around their papers and then sketched their skylines lightly with pencil .
Day3: We watercolored the backround.  After we created the background, we started in with oil pastels to create the buildings. 
Days 4-5:  We added some lights on the buildings using white tempera paint.  Then, using either watercolors or watered down tempera (the choice was theirs) the reflections of the buildings were painted on. 
 I loved how they all looked different and each student had their own version of the skyline.  Many students after completing this painting would tell me how they drove to Dallas and recognized the buildings they had painted. 

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  1. These are fantastic! Very impressive for 3rd grade!