Monday, March 18, 2013

Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams!

Last year I did a lesson on Laurel Burch's Fantastic Felines that I found on Pinterest.  I taught it to the kindergarteners and 1st graders.  It was a huge hit with the kids and to be honest, I had never even heard of Laurel Burch before finding the lesson!  Is that bad to admit?  Anyway, since then, I have seen many purses and bags with her familiar patterns and prints on them, especially at the Mini-Mall in Denton, an eclectic flea market kind of store.  I even bought one.  The kids continued to draw the cats all year and it was a great way to teach patterns, warm/cool colors, and crayon resist. 

This year I did the Fantastic Feline lesson with kindergarten again (sorry, no pics!) and decided to do a lesson on Laurel Burch with first graders.  I wanted to see how much they remembered about the artist and her life.  I started by showing her website and we read about her life story.  She was a true rags to riches woman!  Then we discovered her "Celestial Dreams" paintings.  We sketched a sun and moon, discussed patterns, borders, color scheme, and emphasis.  The next time they came to class we started our paintings.  We used pencil to "draw light until you get it right" and then sharpied our lines, Next, we added crayon color.  On the last day of this lesson, we watercolored over our work.  The crayon resist technique never gets old at this age! 
Here are some examples of our finished products.  Some students chose to paint a sun, some chose a moon, some chose both!

This student's work is very different from his peers.  I love it!  I always know his work because at age 6 he already has his own style!  He finished his first version of sun and moon at the top and then asked for a second sheet so he could create a second work of art!

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