Monday, March 18, 2013

Kinders Love Monsters!

I love Kindergarten!  I taught it for five years prior to becoming an art teacher.  They are fearless and love creating and learning new things. I introduced the artwork of Jim Dine to kindergarten students around Valentine's day.  We examined different pieces of art work from his collection.  We then created our own version of a work of art inspired by Jim Dine. 

When I first started this project my objective was to introduce texture (implied and actual), create and recognize repetition, and experiment with printmaking.  We started by gluing down precut tissue paper hearts onto a 9X9 inch square sheet of white paper.  I had the students crinkle up the hearts to create a texture.
After my first class of Kinders, I didn't like the way the hearts looked, so the second class did it differently.  I had them crinkle the hearts and then lay them on the paper and we sprayed them with water.  The tissue paper was suppose to be bleeding paper, but some of the hearts didn't bleed onto the white paper.  Ugh!  At this point I was thinking about just scrapping the whole project, but I decided to see where it would take us.

In the end, I had the kinders add some details with oil pastels and then added hearts stamped on using the end of a toilet paper roll bent in the shape of a heart.  I gave out primary colors and they loved seeing how the colors mixed and changed as they stamped with the different colors.

The next lesson, kinders learned about 3D shapes and art compared to 2D art.  We discussed form and sculpture. I told them we were going to make monsters!  I gave each student a toilet paper roll and then had them paint them using tempera paints.  On the second day, we added details with scrap paper, feathers, google eyes, and pipe cleaners.  They loved making these.  There were no worries about mistakes because monsters can look like anything! 

Both of these lessons were borrowed and tweaked from lessons I have seen on pinterest and blogs.  I am so thankful for all the many lessons I have found on these sites.  This is my second year teaching art and I do believe that I would have struggled last year without these resources. 

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