Monday, March 18, 2013

5th grade Op Art

5th grade students created Art Cubes with different optical illusions on each sides.  I showed the students a few op art videos I found on Pinterest.  Then, I taught a few different op art choices and we practiced those in our sketchbook.  The second week, I gave each table a few books about optical illusions that I checked out of our Art Media Center provided by my district.  I also gave them a template of a cube that I printed off the computer and a large sheet of card stock.  They traced the template on the card stock and then folded them to create creases so it was easy to see where to create each illusion.  The next few class periods we worked on creating different optical illusions on the six faces.  Students had fun teaching the class about optical illusions they had found in the books provided.  They would come up to the document camera and teach their peers how to create an illusion.  Once all sides were filled up, we assembled the cubes and glued and/or taped them together.  I had a parent and high school helper help me hang them with long pins.  Thank you for all the bloggers out there that inspired this lesson!  I used ideas from multiple blogs to complete this lesson.  The kids loved it!


  1. Hi. I am visiting your blog via Mr. E. Welcome to our blogging world!! I love the texture created by the way you have displayed these cubes. Also, I enjoyed reading the story of how you FINALLY got your dream job in art!!

  2. These look great! I just completed a cube assignment with 4 th graders based on Haring. I like you idea as well.

  3. Oh, I want to do a Haring lesson! I haven't tried one yet!