Monday, March 18, 2013

4th grade and Georgia O'Keeffe

Fourth graders learned about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe and her artwork.  Students viewed many works of art by O'Keeffe and we discussed her passion for nature, flowers, skulls, bones, and landscapes.  We experimented with view finders and practiced zooming in on objects to see things in a new way.  We used iPads, smartphones, and computers to find images of flowers to use as an inspiration point.  I think next year, I will bring in real flowers and have students zoom in on a flower to create their focal points. 
The photos worked okay this year, but I feel like it took away from what the artist Georgia O'Keeffe found so inviting in the first place!  Anyway, students sketched images in our sketchbooks and then decided what would be their choice for a painting.  Students were given 12X12 pieces of paper to paint on.  The paper was not the best quality.  I was running out of 90lb. paper and basically using what I could find!  Luckily, my paper order just arrived while I was at NAEA!  Thank goodness!

Students were challenged to use tints and shades and create exciting color schemes.  Many students chose to use complimentary colors and a few students chose to include a cow skull in their composition.  I happen to have a cow skull in my room, one of my flea market finds from Denton Square!  Students painted with tempera and/or acrylic painters.  Once the painting was complete, some chose to go back in with some oil pastels to add some punch and contrast. 


  1. Jumped over here from Mr. E's latest post...These look awesome displayed together! Such bright colors!

  2. These look amazing! There's something so different about them from the OKeeffe projects I've done in the past with my students... they're so vibrant!

    1. I have a ton of small acrylic paint bottles in my room that I have used to paint murals. I let the kids use those colors to paint their works of art as well as some left over fluorescent paints! Basically, if I have it and they want it, I say yes! Also, the oil pastel over the top of the paint makes them pop!