Thursday, March 21, 2013

3rd Grade Pop Art Prints

I started this school year with different types of portraits in each grade level.  My school has a theme every year and this year our theme was "Superheros" and we have focused on finding our personal strengths and acknowledging the strengths or others. 

So, to me, it made sense to lead the year off with self-portraits to build on how we are each unique with our strengths, interests, and beauty. 

In third grade, I decided to go with a pop art Andy Warhol style printmaking portrait.  I spent the first day of class taking their individual photos while they worked on getting their sketchbook covers completed.  I printed the  3x5 inch photos in black and white.

I lead a discussion about the Pop Art movement, who Andy Warhol was, and how he used printmaking.  We looked at several examples of portraits that he created.  Then, I showed them the steps we would be using to create our portraits. 
1. Tape Styrofoam on the back of photo.
2. Trace the contour lines of your faces with a dull pencil, pressing hard.
3. Lift the photo and check to see if you missed any lines before removing the photo.
4. Once all lines are traced, remove the photo and retrace your lines to make them deeper.
5. Paint over the Styrofoam with florescent paints (quickly)
6. Press down color construction paper onto the Styrofoam and then lift.  Make at least 4 prints and more if needed.  Each student needed 4 good prints for this project.
7. Mount four prints onto large piece of construction paper and sign your name.
Here are some pictures of the process:

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