Saturday, September 15, 2012

C2 Week! Superheroes at McAuliffe!

This week is C2 week!  C2 stands for Creative Collaboration and it is a week that gives each team of teachers a whole day to plan and collaborate together.  While they are busy with team collaboration, the specials teachers take on creating a special week for the students. 
This week, students will come for a day of Superhero Adventures.  Each grade level will spend one day with us and we will be doing all kinds of enrichment activities and lessons on being a "Superhero" by focusing on our individual strengths.
In Art, we will be working on creating creative and unique designs for the yearbook cover contest.  Each student will be given time in our day to start a yearbook cover and I will guide them in what needs to be on each cover and we will collaborate on some ideas that will exemplify the theme "Superheroes at McAuliffe." 
The students will have until October 12 to submit an entry.
I will have a guest judge help decide which entry will win the cover contest.  There will be runner-ups that will be featured on the inside and back cover of the yearbook.  I am also going to share entries with the PTA for their cover of the directory contest.  If you are a member of the PTA, your child qualifies to enter that contest as well.
On the day that your child comes to C2, they will have a parade of superheroes in the afternoon.  Please remember to help your child create a Superhero character that spotlights your child's strengths!
This is going to be a great week!

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